The Bonfire of Taiwan (2002)

The Bonfire of Taiwan (2002)

Other name: 台灣霹靂火 台湾霹雳火 Taiwan Thunderbolt Fiery Thunderbolt Lightning Squad Taiwan Torch Огненная молния


Tien-Fu Liu (a tycoon who is well connected in politics and business) and his son, Won-Tsung Liu, have been buying and selling large amounts of illicit drugs. Cheng-Hsien Lee (a police officer with the Criminal Investigation Division) is instructed by his superior officer, Yao-Wei Lee (the chief of No. One Team of the Criminal Investigation Division), to act as an undercover agent so as to investigate the illegal activities of Tien-Fu Liu and Cheng Long Group. In the police's effort to crack down on Cheng Long Group, several policemen and policewomen shed their blood; however, Cheng Long Group, with great ties in politics and business through money, is not so easy to be destroyed. In the process, Cheng-Hsien found out that Tien-Fu Liu was the person who killed his father. In the meantime, another serious crime takes place and Cheng-Hsien, who has been utterly devoted to his job, immediately engages in a battle with the criminals so as to defend justice against evil and injustice.

Original Network: SET TV;

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2002

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Gangster; Mafia; melodrama;

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