Tenshoku no Mao-sama (2023)

Tenshoku no Mao-sama (2023)

Other name: 転職の魔王様 てんしょくのまおうさま 轉職魔王 Tenshoku no Maou-sama The Expert of Changing Jobs Demon King of Job Changing


Hitsujitani Chiharu joined a big advertising agency after she graduated from a university. She experienced a hard time at her job due to harassment. After 3 years, Hitsujitani Chiharu decided to quit working at the advertising agency. She begins to work for a temp agency that is run by her aunt. There, she meets Kurusu Arashi, who works as a career adviser at the temp agency. He walks with a cane due to discomfort from his left foot, but he has a great reputation as a career adviser and his nickname is The Devil of Changing Jobs. He often makes biting remarks to people worried about changing jobs. Working with Kurusu Arashi and dealing with people who are looking to change jobs, Hitsujitani Chiharu also grows as a person.

Adapted from the novels "Tenshoku no Mao-sama" (転職の魔王様) and "Tenshoku no Mao-sama 2.0" (転職の魔王様2.0) by Nukaga Mio (額賀澪 ).

Original Network: Fuji TV;

Director: Horie Takahiro [堀江貴大]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Miniseries; Novel;

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