Tantei☆Hoshikamo (2021)

Tantei☆Hoshikamo (2021)

Other name: 探偵☆星鴨 偵探☆星鴨 たんてい☆ほしかも Private Detective Hoshikamo Detective ☆ Hoshikamo


Hoshikamo yearned to become a private detective and he now works as a private detective. He is not good at communicating with women. Hoshikamo once worked at a big private detective agency, but he now he runs his own private detective office. His office is situated within his grandmother's recycle shop. Hoshikamo solves various cases with his assistant Tsugumi Karato. He first met Tsugumi Karato when she was his client. She hired him to help her with a stalker.

Original Network: NTV;

Director: Horai Tadaaki [宝来忠昭]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy; Detective; Investigation; Miniseries; Mystery;

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