Tales of Mystery

Tales of Mystery

Other name: 怪談 Gwaai Taam Dui Fang Zheng Zai Shu Ru Zhong Ye Ban Qi Tan Zhi Fu Jin De Ren Guai Tan Dui Fong Jing Joi Sue Yap Jung 對方正在輸入中 夜半奇譚之附近的人 对方正在输入中 夜半奇谭之附近的人 怪谈


The story , so begins from a group of young people, Film post editor ‘s son Liang ( Aarif ornaments ) in a horror movie clips , this night life upside down to disrupt his life . And that moment , he encounters on the ferry Pei Wen ( Janice ornaments ) , and at first sight, but later found Pei Wen was actually the company’s new colleagues

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Horror; Thriller;

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