Taste of Horror (2023)

Taste of Horror (2023)

Other name: 괴담만찬 테이스츠 오브 호러 Teiseucheu Obeu Holeo Tastes of Horror


“Taste of Horror” is omnibus series with a total of 10 short films. Each film is directed by different directors tells separate stories.

"Tick Tock Tick Tock"

An emotional horror flick that occurs when a child abused by a mother meets a ghost.

"Resident-only Fitness Center"

A daily horror that takes place in an era where interest in fitness is higher than ever and there are ghosts at a gym only available to residents.


An emergency rescue worker Ji Yeon is trapped in a secret and mysterious space after being injured during a rescue operation.

"Delivery Complete"

A story combining the Untact-era phenomena interacting through devices with fear.

"Ding Dong Challenge"

The story depicts high school girls challenging a bizarre dance that grant them their wishes if they succeed.

"Hey, Marmons"

A story about a married couple's relationship breaking down due to today's fortune told by AI speakers.

"Four-legged Beast"

A ghost story in which the blood of a four-legged animal increases grades.

"Gold Tooth"

The story about Jin-tae who steals gold teeth off of bodies and pays off his investment fraud debt.


A greedy thriller by cheap humans that takes place when a man who won the jackpot stays at a motel for a day.


A famous mukbang BJ who suffers from anorexia vomits something weird during a live broadcast.

(Source: Han Cinema)

Director: Kim Yong Kyoon [김용균], Im Dae Woong [임대웅], Ahn Sang Hoon [안상훈]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Horror; Omnibus; School; Supernatural; Suspense;

Airs: Oct 18, 2023

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