Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023)

Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023)

Other name: 구미호뎐 1938 구미호뎐 시즌2 구미호뎐 2 九尾狐传1938 九尾狐傳1938 Gumihodyeon Sijeun 2 Gumihodyeon 1938 Gumihodyeon 2 Tale of the Nine-Tailed 2 Tale of the Nine-Tailed S2 Tale of the Nine-Tailed Season 2 История девятихвостого лиса 1938


Lee Yeon gets involved in an unexpected case that leads him to travel back in time to the year 1938. There, Lee Yeon meets Ryu Hong Joo again. She was once a guardian spirt of a mountain in the west, but in 1938 she is the owner of the best high-end restaurant Myoyeongak in the capital city of Gyeongseong. When Ryu Hong Joo met Lee Yeon for the first time, she was fascinated by him, but she couldn’t have him. Now, she meets him again and she feels excitement. Lee Yeon also meets his younger brother Lee Rang. Meanwhile, Cheon Moo Young used to be a guardian spirit of a mountain in the east and he used to be friends with Lee Yeon and Ryu Hong Joo. A case led Cheon Moo Young to become hostile towards him. Lee Yeon struggles to go back to the present day where his loved one lives.

Original Network: tvN;

Director: Kang Shin Hyo [강신효] and Jo Nam Hyeong [조남형]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Fantasy; Gumiho; Historical; Horror; Romance;

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