Take Care of My Mom (2022)

Take Care of My Mom (2022)

Other name: 엄마를 부탁해 Eommareul Butakhae Eommareul Butaghae Take Care of Mom Take Care of Mother


Stranger like family, family like stranger

What is 85-year-old Mrs. Jeong Mal Im's choice?

Mrs. Jeong Mal Im, an 85-year-old lady enjoys living alone with her longtime friend's dog in an old Western-style house in Daegu. Her only son, Jong Wook, will visit from Seoul after a long time, and while preparing here and there, her arm broke, and through the accident, a caregiver named Mi Seon was hired. She really hates being indebted to her children, and she doesn't feel comfortable with others so she insists on sending Mi Seon away, and Jong Wook who installed CCTVs due to his worries for her mother is frustrated at what's happening.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Jeong seems to disappear from objects and side dishes after Mi Seon came, but there is no physical evidence, and Mi Seon, who takes care of her more gently than her real son, is proud of her, and the two become like real mothers and daughters.

Then, one holiday, when Jong Wook's family suddenly visited, the conflict in the relationship that had been buried, bursts when they saw Mi Seon wearing the clothes of Mrs. Jeong, which was a gift from her daughter-in-law Yoo Jin...

What's wrong with this family? We'll live together now so "Take Care of Mother".

Director: Park Kyeong Mok [박경목]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Family; life;

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