Tabloid Truth (2014)

Tabloid Truth (2014)

Other name: 찌라시: 위험한 소문 危險的傳聞 Zzirashi: Wihumhan Somoon jjirasi: Wiheomhan Somun Tabloid: Dangerous Rumor Advertisement: Dangerous Rumors Leaflet: Dangerous Rumor Фильм Опасные слухи Листовка: Правда о таблоиде Низкосортная правда Реклама: Опасные слухи


Woo-Gon (Kim Kang-Woo) works for a talent agency as a manager. He spots Mi-Jin (Ko Won-Hee) at an audition. Woo-Gon feels that Mi-Jin is special and has the potential to become a star. Because of Woo-Gon's efforts, Mi-Jin is cast in a movie, but this also causes his company to lash out at him for pushing Mi-Jin instead another one of their talents. Woo-Gon is fired. Later, Mi-Jin comes to visit Woo-Gon who is now working as a parking attendant. Mi-Jin asks him to work as his manager. Woo-Gon accepts and works hard to land parts for her. Soon, Mi-Jin is cast as the lead female character in a television drama series. Just as things seem incredibly promising for Mi-Jin, a shady tabloid scandal breaks out. Mi-Jin is identified as the woman involved in a sexual relationship with a well known politician (Ahn Sung-Ki). The source of the leaks are completely unknown. Woo-Gon tries to explain that the tabloid rumors about his client are completely untrue, but nobody listens. A few days later, Mi-Jin is found dead in her apartment. Woo-Gon then decides to find those responsible for spreading the false rumors about Mi-Jin.

Director: Kim Kwang Shik [김광식]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Crime; Drama; Investigation; police; political;

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