Table for Six (2022)

Table for Six (2022)

Other name: 飯戲攻心 饭戏攻心 还是觉得你最好 猜心要在晚餐时 猜心要在晚餐時 Fan Xi Gong Xin Cai Xin Yao Zai Wan Can Shi Faahn Hei Gung Sam Hai Shi Jue De Ni Zui Hao


Under the same roof are three couples and four romances. Every meal in this family with three brothers is like a hilarious disaster.

Eldest brother (Dayo Wong) is still not over his ex-girlfriend Monica (Stephy Tang). Alas, she is now his second brother's (Louis Cheung) girlfriend. Due to his ego, the eldest brother decides to accept the pursuits of a girl named Miaomiao (Lin Ming-chen) even though they've just met. Meanwhile, their third brother (Chan Charm Man) and his older girlfriend Josephine (Ivana Wong) who have been dating for many years are also having relationship problems.

Director: Sunny Chan [陳詠燊]

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy; Family; Romance;

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