Syndrome (2012)

Syndrome (2012)

Other name: 신드롬 综合症 症候群 シンドローム Sindeulom Дорама Синдром


Yeo Wook is a first-year neuro-surgeon at Seoul Korea Hospital. Born with intelligence and into a wealthy family, he is called “his egocentric highness” in the hospital because of his arrogance. But he has compassionate love in his heart and is determined to conquer the brain by becoming the best surgeon. Hae Jo is a competent and passionate first-year neuro-surgeon in the same hospital as Yeo Wook. Yeo Wook runs into Hae Jo when he visits the emergency room of a rural hospital and gets into an argument with her about how to treat an emergency patient. Eun Hyun is a cold, workaholic fourth-year chief neuro-surgeon surrounded by an aura of mystery. He becomes more and more interested in Hae Jo, who continues to grow by overcoming various problems. Tae Jin, Yeo Wook’s father, is a great neuro-surgeon, who is also faithful to his family as a considerate father and husband. He is respected as a ‘living saint’ for proactively operating on patients without family or friends, but he believes that even his wife can be subjected to an experiment to construct a complete map of the human brain. As the long-buried secret around Tae Jin starts to unveil, the young neuro-surgeons are swept away by fate.

(Source: JTBC)

Episodes: 20

Original Network: jTBC;

Director: Go Jae Hyeon [고재현] and Lee Seong Joo [이성주]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama; Medical; Romance;

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