Sword Snow Stride (2021)

Sword Snow Stride (2021)

Other name: 雪中悍刀行 Xue Zhong Han Dao Xing Syut Jung Hon Dou Hang The Snowy Path of the Heroic Blade Sword in the Snow Knife in the Snow Knives in the Snow


About a young master named Xu Feng Nian who under the eager expectation of his father Xu Xiao persevered through hardships and growth to become the King of Northern Liang. Although the road was long and obstructive, and filled with ruthless murderous intentions, Xu Feng Nian constantly improves his martial arts skills, and he gathered many crucial people during this journey. He led the Beiliang cavalry to fight against Beimang at the time of the Beimang invasion and become the beacon of hope in the Central Plains.

Adapted from novel "Knife in the Snow" by Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou.

Original Network: Tencent Video;

Director: https://www.youtube.com/embed/7tO6MsdVphM

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Historical; Martial Arts; melodrama; Novel; Swordsman; Wuxia;

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