Sweet Sixteen (2016)

Sweet Sixteen (2016)

Other name: 夏有乔木 雅望天堂 夏有乔木 夏有乔木,雅望天堂 , 雅望天堂 하유교목 아망천당 夏有乔木, 雅望天堂 Xia You Qiao Mu Passion Heaven Summer Tears In Paradise


Xiao Tian and Shu Yawang are childhood friends, they soon became lovers. While Yawang was in high school, her father asked her to tutor Xia Mu a young boy with a traumatizing past. Yawang, Xiao Tian and Xia Mu grew up together. Xia Mu developed some feelings for Yawang. Time went by, the couple are near to being engaged. Tian goes off to become a soldier and Yawang goes to college, soon enough they got engaged.

Yawang graduated and got her job, but she is sexually harassed and was raped by Qu Wei Ran (Joo Won) a boss at her work. It became a terrifying memory to Yawang. When Xia Mu found out, he went to Wei Ran's office, Yawang realized what Xia Mu was about to do, she followed Xia Mu as fast as she can but was too late. Xia Mu shoots Wei Ran, but, the Wei Ran was still alive. Yawang discovers that she is pregnant with Wei Ran's child, Xia Mu brought Yawang to a place where she can get an abortion.

Xia Mu eventually turns himself in and gets 7 years in jail, and Yawang says she will wait for him. Yawang told Tian that they cannot go back like they used to. Tian is left alone.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; melodrama; Romance; Tragedy;

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