Sway (2014)

Sway (2014)

Other name: 三城恋习曲 San Cheng Lian Xi Qu Saam Seng Lyun Jaap Kuk


In the age of globalization, where mobility is often accompanied by rootlessness, many couples struggle to find a way to stay connected, both with each other and with whatever place they once called home. Such is the case with Arthur and Vivian. A Parisian immigrant, whose visa is set to expire soon, Arthur has spent the past four years with Vivian, a once-famous actress who moved to Paris to escape the hectic life of a celebrity. With his time in the city drawing to a close, Arthur would love nothing more than to have Vivian join him as he begins his round-about journey home. Committed to her own career, Vivian isn’t eager to agree to Arthur’s request; leaving them both to ponder their own desires, both as individuals and as a couple.

Just as Arthur and Vivian struggle to define the terms of their relationship, Amanda, a recently married American step-mom struggles to find her place within her new family. Trying to find a way to cope with the emotional ups and downs that come with marrying a Japanese widower, Amanda isn’t sure if she’ll ever find a way to step out of the shadow of her husband’s late wife. While Amanda tries to find ways to fit into her new life, June and Palm, contemplate starting a new life of their own. Currently living in Bangkok, the couple have an opportunity to relocate to America but June isn’t sure if leaving home is really the best idea.

Each faced with their own struggles of identity and belonging, three different couples must decide what it is they want most and where in the world they truly feel at home.

Director: Rooth Tang

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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