Survival Wedding

Survival Wedding

Other name: サバイバル ウェディング Sabaibaru Wedinggu


29-year-old Kuroki Sayaka is a writer working for a magazine at a publishing company. She's engaged to her long-term boyfriend and will have her wedding in three months, so resigns from her job. But that night, she discovers that her fiance Kazuya, who was her first love from high school, has actually been cheating on her. When she confronts him, he breaks off the engagement saying he felt pressured by her to get married.

Broke from all the wedding expenses, Sayaka tries to return to her old job only to find out she's already been replaced. Her boss feels bad for her, though, so he finds a way for her to get reinstated in the company with a much higher caliber fashion magazine. However, there's a catch: according to her eccentric new boss Usami, Sayaka must meet his strange conditions. She must find a better man to marry within six months, and as embarrassed as she is, she must write an ongoing column about her experience, from broken engagement to wedding. But first, Sayaka has to figure out why she doesn't value herself enough to believe it's possible.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Business; Comedy; Romance;

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