Super Action (2022)

Super Action (2022)

Other name: 슈퍼액션 최강 스턴트맨 서바이벌 - 슈퍼액션 Syupeoaeksyeon Choekang Seuteonteumaen Seobaibeol: Syupeoaeksyeon The Strongest Stuntman Survival: Super Action


Discussion around the media revolves around the stars. However, behind every star are the stuntmen that step into danger in times of need. Every legendary action scene has these people behind them. Super Action is about bringing the limelight to them. With a group of remarkable individuals that have shaken the world to its core, we are in for an endeavor of explosions, stunts, and breathtaking action sequences. A tale of competition and rivalry abound, six teams of the best stuntmen in the Korean media industry battle for dominance and glory. Stay tuned for blood-pumping action and drama.

(Source: Viu)

Episodes: 7

Original Network: tvN;

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: political; Variety;

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