Sun After the Rain (2014)

Sun After the Rain (2014)

Other name: Yu Hou Chiao Yang , Yu Hou Jiao Yang , 雨後驕陽


For a shoe manufacturer in Taiwan, the love of Mu Dan, a young woman who sells vegetables in the local market, also will launch an epic feud in the shoe industry. The master shoemaker at the company, Huang Zheng Yi, has two apprentices – one is his son, Huang Rong Can, and the other an adopted son, Liu Mu Cheng, whom he loves equally. But when the close brothers both fall in love with Mu Dan, the break in their relationship lasts a lifetime and impacts an entire industry. ~~ Two versions: 80 episodes, 60 min per episode (original broadcast) || 40 episodes, 90 min per episode (rebroadcast)

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; Historical; melodrama; Romance;

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