Strawberry Shortcakes

Strawberry Shortcakes

Other name: ストロベリーショートケイ


The plot revolves around four ladies struggle to find happiness in the capital city of Tokyo:

Satoko: Works as a receptionist at an escort service “Heavan’s Gate.” At home, she often prays to God to find a boy that will love her.

Chihiro: Works in a low level office position. When her roommate, Toko, asks if there is a God, she replies “God would be something like a boyfriend. Buys me whatever I want and makes possible all my wishes.” She often involves herself with men who only use her for sex.

Akiyo: Works at an escort service “Heavan’s Gate” as a call girl. She saves her money in order to eventually buy a condo situated on the 5th floor or higher. Once she gets old & senile, she plans to jump out of her apartment to her death. She is infatuated with Kikuchi, an old school friend. Akiyo changes her appearance when around Kikuchi and conceals the fact that she is a call girl.

Toko: Works obsessively as an illustrator. She suffers from bulimia, a fact she conceals from her roommate, Chihiro.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Drama;

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