Solar Flower (2023)

Solar Flower (2023)

Other name: 솔라 플라워 Solra Peulrawo


"I have a dream I want to keep even in a life where the sun doesn't rise!"

Seon Yeop, who has just been released from prison, barely makes a living by learning work at a motel following Nam Kyoo, a senior from the organization.

Seon Yeop, who worked silently, enduring assault and verbal abuse, meets the rough-tempered Seon Joo, who was wandering around the motel, and develops new hopes for life. Meanwhile, when Tae Seon, the boss of the organization, found out that Nam Kyoo embezzled motel funds, he forced Seon Yeop to do a dangerous mission under the pretext of Seon Joo.

"The battle for survival begins at the bottom of your life."

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Romance;

Airs: Apr 06, 2023

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