So Wayree (2020)

So Wayree (2020)

Other name: Soh Wari , So Weree


Two hotel moguls, once family friends since their grandparents' generation are now sworn enemies, and are competing with each other to become the top in the industry. Prinoot never thought that he would be part of the hatred. Although his father is the son in law of Sirimontra, his mom was only a mistress who was abandoned in America. Growing up he never knew what having a father was like. Pramida is the only heiress of the famous Emporium real estate mogul. Before going overseas to furtherr her studies somethings horrible happened to her. Four years later, she came back after with a set of twins but she told everyone that those were her cousins, sdopted by her aunt. She then meets the man who caused her misery after many years and decides to willingly help her father into the warring game after finding out that he was the son of her father's rival. Prinoot and Pramida, standing on opposite sides of the line as sworn enemies

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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