Sisa Marn (2022)

Sisa Marn (2022)

Other name: ศีรษะมาร


Pilanthais a bad-tempered and mean woman who has a car accident that decapitates her head but miraculously, she is still alive due to her mental power. She carries her head to Dr. Piti's house who tries to conduct experiments to learn about her power and attempts to re-attach her head but fails. Piluntha's body then starts to rot and she needs to find a new body for the experiments. In the day, she covers the cut with a scarf and goes out however, in the night, she goes out to look for a new body, resulting in missing cases of women after this. Meanwhile, Pilantha starts getting interested in Sakkarn, her cousin Wiraree's finance.

Original Network: Channel 8;

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Supernatural;

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