Sing in Love (2022)

Sing in Love (2022)

Other name: 恋い焦れ歌え Koi Kogare Utae R.I.P.


Jin is a temporary elementary school teacher on his way to a permanent position when a traumatic event plunged him into a terrifying deep darkness. Three months later, a mysterious man named Kai provokes Jin's memories and feelings regarding the past experience through rapping.

Why is Kai obsessed with Jin? How does Jin confront his own "darkness"? Conflicts and battles for men who have been deeply injured inspire healing. And does true love exist on the other side?

Struggling, suffering, we will live.

Adapted from the manga "Koi Kogare Utae" (恋い焦れ歌え~R.I.P.~) by Miso.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: BL; Drama; Manga; Musical; Psychological; Romance;

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