Sing A Song (2022)

Sing A Song (2022)

Other name: 싱어송 Singeosong


"Every day, every time we spent together, I sang without leaving anything behind"

Seon Hye, who recklessly came to Seoul because she wanted to sing, Hyeon Do, an unknown indie singer who dreams of becoming famous, and singer-songwriter Si Joon, who choose to sing despite his family's opposition.

These three people wanted to be singers but they couldn't see the light. Incidentally, they recognized each others' talents and formed a band named 'Jobaegeun' and started to gain popularity by working on Si Joon's compositions.

In the time they spent together, Hyeon-do and Si joon felt more than friendship for Seon Hye. Seon Hye is also strangely attracted to Si Joon. However, only Hyeon Do and Seon Hye received an offer from a large agency.

A story about the conflict between dreams, love, and friendship.

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Friendship; Musical; Romance;

Airs: Jan 27, 2022

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