Si Ming (2024)

Si Ming (2024)

Other name: 司命 Commander


Si Ming of the Nine Heavens was rejected in his confession, fell into a dream after drinking, accidentally entered the Ten Thousand Heavens Ruins, and met the last dragon Chang Yuan who was imprisoned because of his destiny. Knowing the cause and effect, Si Ming decided to rewrite the destiny for him, using himself as a guide to write down the fate book of "Heaven, Earth, Dragon Return". After reincarnation and many mutual sacrifices, Si Ming realized something. Si Ming wasn't the one controlling their destiny.

But will Si Ming submit to fate? Or will she rewrite their destiny?

(Source: Chinese =

Adapted from the novel "Si Ming" (司命) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鷺非香).

Episodes: 36

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Action; Adventure; Amnesia; Fantasy; Historical; Martial Arts; Novel; Romance; Wuxia;

Airs: Dec 31, 2024

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