Shikkou!!: Inu to Watashi to Shikkokan (2023)

Shikkou!!: Inu to Watashi to Shikkokan (2023)

Other name: シッコウ!!~犬と私と執行官~ 執行官物語 Shikkokan Monogatari Shikkoukan Monogatari Shikkou!!: Inu to Watashi to Shikkoukan Shikkou!!: Dog, Me and the Enforcer The Enforcer's Story


Yoshino Hikari has a bright and friendly personality. She works at a credit association in her hometown. To pursue her dream of doing pet related work, she moves to Tokyo and begins to work at a pet salon. Unfortunately, the pet salon goes bankrupt. Bailiff Obara Itsuki carries out his work at the pet salon and becomes impressed with Yoshino Hikari. Obara Itsuki is not comfortable around dogs, but all the animals seem to like Yoshino Hikari. Due to Obara Itsuki, Yoshino Hikari begins to work as a bailiff assistant and teams up with Obara Itsuki.

Meanwhile, Kurihashi Yusuke is a clerk at the bailiffs’ office. He used to work at a bank and wants to become a lawyer. While working at the bailiffs’ office, Kurihashi Yusuke learns about the law. He develops unexpected feelings for Yoshino Hikari.

Adapted from the novel "Shikkokan Monogatari" (執行官物語) by Ogawa Junpei (小川潤平).

Original Network: TV Asahi;

Director: Hoshino Kazunari [星野和成] and Tamura Naomi [田村直己]

Country: Japanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Law; Miniseries; Novel;

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