Shadows in the Palace (2007)

Shadows in the Palace (2007)

Other name: 궁녀 宫女 宮女 Kungnyeo Palast der Schatten – Tödliche Intrigen am Hof der Kaiserin


In the royal palace of King Jung-Jo, court nurse Chun-Ryung (Park Jin-Hee) is called into the quarters of the royal concubine Hee-Bin (Yoon Se-Ah). One of the royal concubine's maids Wol-Ryung (Seo Yeong-Hee) is found hanging to death in her maid chamber. Court nurse Chun-Ryung investigates the area and realizes fairly quickly that Wol-Ryung did not commit suicide.

Nevertheless, the supervising maid orders court nurse Chun-Ryung to classify the woman's death as a suicide. Otherwise, a forthcoming scandal would jeopardize royal concubine Hee-Bin's source of power and, consequently, the maids source of power.

Meanwhile, court nurse Chun-Ryung conducts an autopsy on Wol-Ryung. She discovers a startling secret. Wol-Ryung recently gave birth to a child, even though maids are sworn to keep their chastity for the King. Court nurse Chun-Ryung is now almost certain that someone murdered Wol-Ryung and begins her own secret investigation.

Director: Kim Mi Jeong [김미정]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Drama; Historical; Investigation; Murder; Mystery; Supernatural; Suspense; Thriller;

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