Serve The People (2022)

Serve The People (2022)

Other name: 인민을 위해 복무하라 복무하라 Bogmuhala Bogmuhara Bokmuhara Bogmuhara Wihae Bogmuhara Inmineul Wihae Bogmuhala Inmineul Wihae Bogmuhara Bokmuhara Wihae Bokmuhara Inmineul Wihae Bokmuhara Serve Service


A melodrama about the story of Moo Gwang who dreams of becoming a model soldier of the division commander's house, conflicting between the wall of status and the temptation to escape due to his meeting with the commander's young wife, Soo Ryeon.

Adapted from the novel "Serve the People!" (為人民服務) by Yan Lianke (阎连科).

Director: Jang Cheol Soo [장철수]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Historical; melodrama; Novel; Romance;

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