Sea of Fire / Ocean Flame - Talay Fai (2016)

Sea of Fire / Ocean Flame - Talay Fai (2016)

Other name: ทะเลไฟ The Fire Series: Talay Fai Fiery Ocean Ocean Flame The Fire Series 2: Talay Fai


After discovering that her father had been having an affair with his secretary for years, Pasika was deeply hurt and her mother went into a state shock, loosing her sanity. Unable to cope with the painful reality, Pasika ran away from home and met Anupong, the owner of Andaman Pearl Resort and Hotel. He adored Pasika like his own daughter, so he allowed her to begin a brand new life by hiring her to help him manage the resort. After an explosion involving Anupong's boat, Techin , his only son, hastily returns to the Island, along with his mother Nalinee. The once peaceful island nearly burst into flames when mother and son wrongly assume that Pasika was Anupong's mistress. As it turns out, Techin had previously fallen in love at first sight with Pasika abroad, so now, dissapointed and hurt, he does all he can to get back at her and banish her from the island. However, Anupong's will specifies that Pasika has to work at the resort for two years and assist Techin in managing the company...

Director: Chajchavan Saswatgloon [ชัชวาล ศาสวัตกลูน]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; melodrama; Romance;

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