School Lunch (2022)

School Lunch (2022)

Other name: あしやのきゅうしょく Ashiya no Kyushoku


Depicts the “bonds” that connect through “food” under the theme of school lunch in Ashiya City. Nonomura Nana is a new nutritionist who works at an elementary school in Ashiya. Struggle every day for the smiles of children who eat delicious lunch. The lunch menu that appears is packed with the ingenuity and love of nutritionists and cooks. While drawing efforts to keep costs down, cooperation with suppliers, and the backside of difficult cooking sites, the importance of school lunches that protect the growth of children is drawn.

Country: Japanese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Food; School; Teamwork;

Airs: Mar 04, 2022

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