Sayonara Watashi

Sayonara Watashi

Other name: さよなら私 Goodbye Myself Goodbye to Myself


Hoshino Tomomi (Nagasaku Hiromi) is a 41 year old housewife with a darling son and a handsome husband, but whose life has become sexless. Hayakawa Kaoru (Ishida Yuriko) is a 41 one year old movie producer who is single, but feels uneasy about her life. Mikami Haruko (Sato Hitomi) is a 41 year old housewife happy with her ordinary husband and two children. These three women were all best friends once during high school, but have since drifted apart. Now, after meeting again at a class reunion, they find themselves drawing closer to one another. But as they draw closer, an incident from their past threatens to destroy their relationship once more; particularly between Tomomi and Kaoru. But before that happens, both Tomomi and Kaoru find themselves in a situation that will turn their worlds upside-down..

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama; Friendship;

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