Saraba, Yoki Hi (2023)

Saraba, Yoki Hi (2023)

Other name: さらば、佳き日 Farewell, Good Day Farewell, Happy Days


"Newlyweds" Keiichi and Akira Hirose have moved to a new city. Keiichi, who works as an author, and Akira, who works with kindergartners, are hiding a big secret from the people around them.

Adapted from the manga series "Saraba, Yoki Hi" (さらば、佳き日) by Akaneda Yuki (茜田千).

Original Network: TV Tokyo;

Director: Shibayama Kenji [柴山健次]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Miniseries; Romance;

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