In the film “Santamaria”, Il-do was once a promising police detective in Seoul. But now he is a lowly traffic cop in his hometown, Yeongdeok. His current job issuing speed tickets to reckless drivers, one of whom is Ho-cheol, his former best friend and now a taxi driver.To understand the situation, a look in the past is needed. About 15 years ago, the two were chasing after the same girl. The final winner was Il-do, and Ho-cheol was heartbroken. But soon after, when the two entered military service, they met again at the same base, and this time Ho-cheol emerged with a higher military rank. Being a subordinate, Il-do suffered humiliating treatments, unable to do anything because of Ho-cheol's superior rank.Now, Il-do sees a great chance to settle an old score. As a policeman, he has the right to penalize those who violate traffic regulations in his small town, where there are only a handful of cars. With plenty of time on his hands, Il-do tracks down Ho-cheol's taxi and catches him couple of times a day.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2008

Genre: Comedy; Drama;

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