Sailor Suit and Alien (Serafuku to Uchujin)

Sailor Suit and Alien (Serafuku to Uchujin)

Other name: セーラー服と宇宙人 セーラー服と宇宙人~地球に残った最後の11人 Sailor Fuku to Uchuujin ~ Chikyuu ni Nokotta Saigo no 11-nin Sailor Fuku to Uchuujin


When Kibou Minase wakes up, she finds herself wearing a sailor suit and lying in a white room. She is in a spaceship. Planet Earth was hit by a meteorite and all living creates perished except for 11 people who were saved by an alien. Those saved include a man who claims to be part of the Earth Defense Force, a pilot who can't speak, a pregnant woman and elementary school student. Those left are faced with the choice of living with aliens in a faraway place or escape the spaceship and build a new city on Earth.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Sci-fi;

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