Run-Off (2016)

Run-Off (2016)

Other name: 국가대표 2 Gukgadaepyo 2 Take Off 2


In 1999, Korea makes its first women’s ice hockey team for the purpose of hosting the Asian Winter Games in Gangwondo. A former junior ice hockey player is appointed as the coach to lead a team of an ex-ice hockey player, an expelled ice skater, a housewife who’s bored with life, an accounting clerk at the Ice Hockey Association, an ex-figure skater, and an ambitious girl aspiring to be the youngest Olympian. Putting their differences aside, the diverse group embarks on the long journey for a chance to compete in the 5th Asian Winter Games in Aomori, Japan.

Director: Kim Jong Hyeon [김종현]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Sports;

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