Run Away (1995)

Run Away (1995)

Other name: 런어웨이 漢城大逃亡 汉城大逃亡 ラン・アウェイ Runaway


Lee Dong-ho, a game show producer, and Choi Miran, a freelance illustrator meet by chance and spend a short but passionate night together. But just when they are about to go back to their ordinary lives, they witness a shocking murder. This is followed by mysterious happenings that destroy everything that they cherish in their lives. A police officer turns out to be a kidnapper and hired killers break into their homes. In front of their eyes, they lose their loved ones. Nobody is of much help to them. At home, in the police station, in the hospital, at work, wherever they go, criminals seem to follow them. Finally, they must face the real criminals.

Director: Kim Seong Soo [김성수]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 1995

Genre: Drama;

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