Ruk Sorn Rode (2010)

Ruk Sorn Rode (2010)

Other name: รักซ่อนรส The Hidden Flavor of Love Love’s Hidden Flavor


Fahsai grew up in a family of five, which consisted of her father, paternal grandmother, younger sister and younger brother. Her life was easygoing and no one had any inkling of her father’s financial woes. Fahsai’s true goal and desire is to be a Thai chef. Since she was a child, she grew up around the aromatic spices and has a keen nose and talent for recognizing them. However, her dream came to a screeching halt when she discovered her father’s suicide and learned that poverty was knocking at her door. Her youth and dreams ended abruptly and the audience watch at her attempt to support her family and grow up at the same time. It is easy to shake your head at her naivete, ignorance and even errors in decision making, but one should also remember that she is only a 17 year old girl trying to put the pieces of her life back together. Tum studied abroad for the majority of his life and was sent back to Thailand to handle the family restaurant chain. It appears that he does not have a dream or any personal goals to work towards so he takes on this new task wholeheartedly. Another task fell on his lap that required his utmost attention. It turns out that a girl in his childhood, whom he cherishes and dotes on have grown up all wrong in his opinion. He was disappointed that she would take advantage of her father, scratch his car and cause uproar and trouble wherever she went. Not to mention that she dropped out of school. He took her failures personally and decided that it was his duty to fix her or change her into a responsible adult. So when the opportunity presented itself, that she owed him money, he made her work in his restaurant to pay off the debt.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Childhood; Drama; Romance;

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