Ruby Ring (2013)

Ruby Ring (2013)

Other name: 루비 반지 ルビーの指輪 紅寶石戒指 Lubiui banji Ruby's Ring Ruby’s Ring


Ruby and Runa are twin sisters, whose characters are the opposite of each other. Ruby is the good and loving girl whose fiancé is Gyeong Min while Runa is selfish and a gold-digger. They come to live each others' life after their faces were swapped by a car accident. Gyeong-min, who doesn't have any clue about this, faces a tragic fate, receiving love from both at the same time and In-soo, who is abandoned by his ex-girlfriend Runa, plans revenge to her.

Original Network: KBS2;

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama; Family; melodrama; Romance;

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