Roving Inspection Team (2020)

Roving Inspection Team (2020)

Other name: 巡回检查组 巡回检察组 人民的正义 Ren Min De Zhang Yi Xun Hui Jian Cha Zu People's Justice


A narrative thread that revolves around the investigations conducted by team leader Feng Sen and Luo Xin Ran of the Inspectorate Office. They represent a new era of prosecutors who devote themselves to safeguarding people's rights and upholding justice.

At the commendation meeting of Dong Chuan province's "Top Ten Figures of the Rule of Law," He Shu Guo who is the director of the Second Prosecution Department suddenly comes face to face with the family members of a death row convict. In order to find out the truth, legal committee secretary Zhang You Cheng appoints Feng Sen as the leader of the prosecution team to investigate the case in depth. Feng Sen tries to do his job yet his unorthodox style of handling cases ignites several disputes. In the process of reopening an old case, layers upon layers of mist are gradually lifted to reveal a harsh truth. Feng Sen works with Luo Xin Ran of the Inspectorate Office as they stick to their professional ethics and refuse to cower in the face of threats, all in the name of maintaining authority of the law.

Original Network: Hunan TV;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Corruption; Detective; Drama; Investigation; Law; Mystery; political;

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