Ring 2 (1999)

Ring 2 (1999)

Other name: リング 2 Ringu 2 The Ring 2


A week or so has passed since Sadako's body was discovered and the police have been making efforts to find the victim's family and locate Reiko and her son, Yoichi, who have disappeared. They have been questioning Takano Mai over the shocking death of her boyfriend, Ryuji and Reiko's father. They believe that Reiko has something to do with these events and soon Yoichi turns up, now a mute child after witnessing the tape.

Mai decides to take up an investigation of her own, which leads her to Reiko's old newspaper office where she meets a reporter who is also interested in the story concerning the tape. They visit the mental hospital where Masami is still being kept and learn that she has developed some interesting abilities and is being studied by Dr. Heihachiro Ikuma who has a theory about psychic powers that he wishes to carry out in due course.

Director: Nakata Hideo [中田秀夫]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 1999

Genre: Horror; Investigation; Mystery; Novel; Revenge; Sci-fi; Supernatural; Suspense;

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