Other name: リカ


Part 1 Synopsis

A vice-director of a hospital in Tokyo, the surgeon Masafumi has a fiance as an ace of a hospital that is envied for the future.

However, after Rika turned Masafumi into a “fateful partner” and entered the hospital as a nurse, a mysterious incident continued in the hospital. Disappearing patients, nurses, doctors. And Rika's magical hand extends to Masafumi's fiance.

Is the end of Rika's mad love ...?

Part 2 Synopsis

-Three years later. Movie company producer Honma is separated from his family because of his wife's cheating. He lived away from his beloved 7-year-old daughter.

One day, I register for a "matching app that allows me to communicate via email" for work research. There is an e-mail from a woman who gave her the handle name . Letter correspondence continues for a while, and Honma proposes to meet for work purpose. This was the entrance to hell and the beginning of ruin.

Since then, there have been numerous emails and incoming calls on Honma's mobile phone. Rika's relentless stalking continues at the company's home. A spectacular story involving Honma's colleagues, detectives, detectives, and his wife and daughter has an unexpected ending.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama; Family; Romance; Suspense;

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