Revolving Doors of Vengeance

Revolving Doors of Vengeance


TVB takes family feuding and corporate powerplay to the next level in the 2005 grand drama Revolving Doors of Vengeance. Beneath the grand and glittering exterior of a world-class hotel lies competition and deception as one family volleys for control of the board. Top television stars Ron Ng, Joe Ma, and Kenix Kwok headline this popular drama, along with singer Ella Koon in her television acting debut, Derek Kwok, Ellesmere Choi, Winnie Yeung, Lau Dan, Lo Hoi Pang, and Shaw Brothers star David Chiang. As soon as hotel tycoon Wong Yu Ting (Lau Dan) passes away, the family begins to fall apart as longtime rivalries and inheritance disputes boil over. Rebellious third son Kit (Ron Ng) leaves home in a fit of anger, and his mother is soon forced out by his two half-brothers. But the family is in for an even bigger surprise. Prior to his death, all of Wong Yu Ting's hotel shares were actually acquired by a man named Ko Fung (Joe Ma) who has come to get revenge on the Wong family. In the face of a ruthless new chairman intent on ousting them from the hotel, the Wong brothers and their crafty uncle (David Chiang) form and break alliances in a twist-filled battle of wits. In this ruthless game, it's impossible to know who's enemy and who's family until the very end. Hotel tycoon WONG YUK TING’s family starts a legacy dispute immediately after his death. The third son KAI KIT (NG CHEUK HAI, RON) finds out that TING has transferred his hotel shares to a stranger KO FUNG, MARTIN (MA TAK CHUNG, JOE). The vicious FUNG comes for revenge and swears to get hold of the whole hotel. In such an emergency, KIT puts the personal dispute aside with his half brothers in order to form an alliance with their uncle CHENG WING FAT (KEUNG TAI WAI), who has had an eye on the hotel for a long time. When FUNG finally stabilises his position in the WONG’s Group, he is shocked to find out that his girlfriend KOO PIK KEI, BECKY (KWOK HO YING, KENIX) has pursued him for some other reasons.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2005

Genre: Action; Drama; Mystery; Romance;

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