Reunion 2: Mystery of the Abyss (2022)

Reunion 2: Mystery of the Abyss (2022)

Other name: 重启之深渊疑冢 重启2 重啟2 Chong Qi 2 Zhong Qi Zhi Shen Yuan Yi Zhong Mystery of the Abyss Restart: Mystery of the Abyss Reboot 2


In order to find a cure for Hei Yanjing's worsening eye disease, Xie Yuchen leads a team into the Trojan jungle.

Hei Yanjing learns that the team is in danger and immediately comes to their rescue. However, he discovers that in the underground palace of Nanyue deep beneath the mountain seam is Nagas, a huge monster regarded as an ancient god. The team is strangely lured by the "call of the ancient god" to continue their journey deep into the lair. In their struggle to survive the most extreme situations, the secrets of the gods are also gradually revealed.

Director: Chen Ju Li [陈聚力]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Action; Adventure; Bromance; Friendship; Horror; Investigation; Mystery; Suspense; Thriller;

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