Reset Life (2019)

Reset Life (2019)

Other name: 未来的秘密 Wei Lai De Mi Mi The Secret of the Future Future Secrets


When the present you meets the past, what kind of mystery will the future bring?

When she was a student, Yun Xiao Xi was framed for plagiarism and had to experience her mother's death on the same day. Having never recovered, she now lives a downtrodden and lonely life as an outcast, despised by her boss and colleagues. One day she receives a "pill of regret" from a mysterious person. It allows her to travel into the past to correct her past cowardice and completely change her life.

~~made for the final eight from the Chinese talent show I ACTOR.

Original Network: iQiyi;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Fantasy; Fashion; Romance; Time Travel; Youth;

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