Reading Class (2024)

Reading Class (2024)

Other name: 阅读课 Yue Du Ke


Wu Jia Shu, an intelligent and knowledgeable girl, makes a contract with Lu Xing Chen, a celebrity who has to maintain his "good student" image on screen. She would secretly tutor him and help him prepare for his appearance on the cultural variety show ''Reading Class'', while Lu Xing Chen would help her repay her debts and preserve her bookshop. Through ''Reading Class'', the two also comes across many reading materials of the present and past, getting to know the stories of the people behind these books; and were also able to help others solve the difficult problems in their lives.

As they spend time together, Jia Shu helps Xing Chen come to terms with the pain of being abandoned by his father, and resolve a misunderstanding between him and his friend. Xing Chen also helps Jia Shu clear her name from a plagiarism claim, and deal with the loss of her beloved pet. They gradually begin to develop feelings for each other. When Xing Chen was framed and fell into a low phase in life, Jia Shu helps him regain his confidence and earned the opportunity to audition for his dream movie. Through the journey of reading, they were able to get through difficulties, while attaining love and fulfilling dreams in the process.

Director: Shen Xiao Hai [沈晓海]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Romance;

Airs: Dec 31, 2024

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