Rak Thae Saep Lai (2023)

Rak Thae Saep Lai (2023)

Other name: รักแท้แซ่บหลาย Ruk Tae Zaab Lai True Love is Delicious


Chomjan is a prickle-fish vendor who sells her pickled fish using her family's secret recipe in order to support her sister, Methinee, study abroad. Her main helper is Gloy, an orphan who loves her like a sister. When Methinee returns, she brings along a boyfriend who is unaware of her true lifestyle. Ashamed of her life and poverty, Methinee asks Chomjan to lie about her occupation in order to not embarrass Methinee in front of her boyfriend and his family. A request which brings Chomjan a lot of sadness.

Original Network: Channel 7;

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Miniseries; Romance;

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