Queen Insoo (2011)

Queen Insoo (2011)

Other name: 인수대비 インス大妃 インステビ 仁粹大妃 Insoodaebi Insu, The Queen Mother Queen In Soo ක්වීන් ඉන්සූ


Queen Insu (1437~1504) was the wife of king Deok Jong and a daughter of Hanh Wak, the second state councilor. Since the 2nd year of Sung Jong's reign, she was called Queen Insu. she was evaluated as the best states-woman in Choseon. This drama series depicts the ill-fated relationships of three women and their destinies. During the era of king Dan Jong, the sixth king of the Joseon Dynasty, Prince Soo Yang’s son, Do Won, was married to Han Jung. Unlike other women, Han Jung did not try to hide her ambition for political power. She eventually stood against Queen Jung Hee, her mother-in-law, and set her son on the throne to assume power. But when Deposed Queen Lady Yun appeared, the conflict among the three women reached its climax.

Original Network: jTBC;

Director: Lee Tae Kon [이태곤], Noh Jong Chan [노종찬] and Kim Jae Hong [김재홍]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Drama; Historical;

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