Pom Arthun

Pom Arthun

Other name: ผมอาถรรพ์ Pom Ataan


After the death of his father, Kawin returns to Thailand from abroad to take over the wig factory. In search of material, he finds Warunee, the owner of a beauty salon, who introduces him to Gaysinee, a model with long silky hair that advertises shampoo. Kawin asks Gaysinee to sell her hair to him, but the girl flatly refuses.

Years pass, Kawin's business lives and thrives. One day, he finds a strand of hair that suspiciously reminds him of Gaysinee. Kawin instructs his staff to make a wig out of this hair, but everyone who wears this wig falls victim to mysterious incidents.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Horror; Murder; Revenge; Romance; Supernatural;

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