Phra Nakhon 2410 (2023)

Phra Nakhon 2410 (2023)

Other name: พระนคร ๒๔๑๐ พระนคร 2410 แม่สื่อตัวร้ายกับนายโปลิศ Phra Nakhon 2410 Mae Sue Tua Rai Kap Nai Police Phra Nakhon 1867 A Villainous Matchmaker with Mr. Police Phra Nakorn 2410 Mae Sue Tua Raai Gub Naai Police


The story follows Noree, the granddaughter of the city's number one matchmaker, Grandma Thaep, who has to find a partner for Khun Rit, aka Phra Ritthirongranyuth, the head of the police department. The part that Noree finds suspicious and challenging is the fact that Khun Rit is 40 years old and has stayed single to date. He's very handsome, has very good looks, and is wealthy.

Just why is he single? Somehow, this smells suspicious. Was he disappointed in love? Is he perhaps not interested in the opposite sex? Noree must find the answers to these questions before she can find a good partner for him. Or maybe... she doesn't have to look too far?

Adapted from the novel "Phra Nakhon 2410 Mae Sue Tua Rai Kap Nai Police" (พระนคร ๒๔๑๐ แม่สื่อตัวร้ายกับนายโปลิศ) by Trinaphat (ตฤณภัทร).

Original Network: GMM One;

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Historical; Romance;

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