Phetra Naruemit (2023)

Phetra Naruemit (2023)

Other name: เภตรานฤมิต Petra Narumit Petra Naruemit Заклинание времени


A young woman gets transported back almost 200 years by a spell through a magical vessel where she meets her soulmate and uncovers secrets that connect to the future.

Adapted from the novel Phetra Naruemit (เภตรานิรมิต) by Siriwimol (ศิริวิมล).

Episodes: 17

Original Network: Channel 7;

Director: Chajchavan Saswatgloon [ชัชวาล ศาสวัตกลูน]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Magic; Novel; Romance; Soulmates; Time Travel; War;

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