Perfect Propose (2024)

Perfect Propose (2024)

Other name: パーフェクトプロポーズ Paafekuto Puropoozu


Hiro's so stressed out at work that he can barely have proper meals or get some well-earned sleep. When he passes out on the sidewalk after yet another stressful day, an unfamiliar face calls out to him - apparently, they once promised to marry each other? What's Kai Fukaya's deal, and why is he so insistent on assuming the role of Hiro's fiancé?

(Source: BakaUpdates)

Adapted from the manga "Perfect Propose" (パーフェクトプロポーズ) by Tsurukame Mayo (鶴亀まよ).

Episodes: 6

Airs On: Friday

Original Network: Fuji TV;

Director: Horai Tadaaki [宝来忠昭]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2024

Genre: BL; Cohabitation; LGBTQ+; Manga; Romance;

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