Paragit Likhit Ruk (2017)

Paragit Likhit Ruk (2017)

Other name: ภารกิจลิขิตหัวใจ Paragit Likhit Huajai Parakit Likit Huajai Fate Mission Fated Duty of the Heart The Mission Destined Hearts Mission of Love Mission of the Heart


Taechat is a good looking and good-hearted guy. He works for a charity fund where he bumps into and falls for super star Jarawee. On the other hand, Jarawee has a crush on Bawin, who’s also a star of the same entertainment company. A car accident changed their fates, however. With the grim reaper’s help, Jarawee does not enter the reincarnation cycle. Taechat is the only one who can see her spiritand hence accompanies her to investigate into her death. That’s how their love begins, but what should they do next with that love?

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2017

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Friendship; Investigation; Romance;

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